This is punked. If you feel like you recognise the game as a bit of a knock off of a very small part of another game, you may well be onto something. I myself couldn't possibly say.

Punked is a tiny, browser-based game for people who are maybe just killing some time whilst they're waiting the ten minutes that another game takes to load on their awfully slow computer.

Your job is to crack sequences. You earn eurodollars with each one that you crack, and maybe you upgrade your software along the way.

There's no end or story to the game; just keep going and see how much money you can make in one session.

If you'd to play the game, there's literally no reason to give me any money. The only reason to do that is if you're after the source code yourself, or would like to keep a copy of the game in case it ever falls off the internet. Or, if you'd like to support the developer, who'd be chuffed.

You can happily play the game right at the top of this screen!

What you get

Supporting via gets you the following:

  • A zip file, containing all the code you need to run the game yourself, on your own machine.
  • Permission to host the game elsewhere, so you can play it on your own domain, if you like.
  • Permission to edit the source code, and host that where ever you like.
  • Access to my github repo of the game, giving you access to the Svelte codebase. You won't get this immediately; you will have to reach out to me and send me your github username. I'll have to manually do this step.

I'm no lawyer. I probably won't know what to do if you're a jerk about it, but please don't share the source code, nor resell it, even your changes.

The source code

The project is my first Svelte codebase I've written. It's been a fun adventure. I'll write up more soon, but it feels just as nice as React, if not nicer, really.

Anyway, because of that, it's not exactly an exemplar piece of JavaScript or Svelte. The tests are a little patchy. I wouldn't but this if you're hoping to learn about anything other than the very basics of Svelte.

I'll for sure accept pull requests for changes, and you'll get creditted. I'm not promising anything will get merged though - lets see how it goes.

Missing features

Like I mentioned above, this is a pet project I did to play with Svelte. It's not a fully furnished game, and there's features totally missing.

  • Saving games. If you refresh or close the tab, you start again. Maybe this is a feature - lets say it's a roguelike.
  • Different screen sizes. I've only tested this on my rather large monitor. There's no support for smaller view ports, like mobile phones or tablets.
  • Keyboard navigation. I know it's screaming for it - it's probably just five buttons to get working, but I've not attempted to do that.
  • Accessibility. If I do come back to working on this game, and I'm not promising I will, but accessibility will be the first thing to hit. Right now, there's very little in the way of making it easier for impared people to play. Sorry about that.
  • Story. A story could fit in quite nicely! But it is vacant.
  • Progression and balancing. The learning curve stays the same the whole way through the game.
  • Documentation. The source code has literally no useful pointers. Right now, I don't think it even has the readme. (Update: it has the default Svelte readme.) I'm happy to answer a few emails about the codebase though.

I'm not currently planning on coming back to this project, buuuuuuuuut if there's any interest at all (five purchases, or $30 in revenue) I'll be happy to come back to spend a few more hours adding in some of the above features.

Release date Jan 21, 2021
Average sessionA few minutes
AccessibilityColor-blind friendly


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